Walter Di Bello Italian Singer-songwriter, 26 years old.

Acoustic pop and Folk music

I define my genre as an Easy Listening,the sound is positive,and the Lyrics have emotional intelligence.

From Rick Jamm:”Throughout the songs I heard, it becomes clear that Di Bello relies on the power of understatement to convey strong emotion. His songs are quietly, evocatively, insidiously magical and wondrous.”

  • Dr.Brian Snow introduce mine music arrangement of a suicide letter of the popular novel “Santa Claus and Little Sisters” Called “Question Marked Innocence” Here’s the Videos of the two versions of the song and then include this in a Charity Album for the suicide Victims,with other songs of Indipendent Artists selling on Itunes other two singles with the lyrics write originally by Dr.Brian Snow and my personal arrangement “Building named 14 E” and “Do you really”
  • In 2014 was the Release of my first Album “This is Life” with the © Copyright – Downpour Productions LLC The record company of Dr.Brian Snow.This album contains 7 original write and composed by myself.
  • In 2016 i work to my new album alone that we be released for the end of the year.The first single “Sunday” of the Album was on selling by the 9 of September on online stores This is the Official Video
  • 1 April 2017 The New Official Album “The right thing to do” release on all online stores like Itunes-Amazon and Google Plus and you can Listen Free on Spotify Official video Here
  • In 2018 start with new project founding an independent Label called “Some Music Records” with the Artist and Producer Christian Botti and at the same time working on Italian “EP” for “Vibrazione Positiva”.
  • On 27 April my new Single Produced by “Some Music Records” (For my second Album) was out everywhere, it was called “New Direction” also with official video on Youtube.
  • “Vibrazione Positiva” Ep was Released this 30 August, you can find it on all digital platforms like”Itunes”   
  • ” 2019 ” New Year Began with the second single of new Album called “I Promise  you” download on Itunes e Spotify
  • New Official Video of “I Promise you ” is out now!